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What is a Dampfbox?

The Dampfbox is a gaming-grade computer specifically tailored to your living-room. It features a compact form factor and silent operation while still packing enough performance to run even the most demanding games. Essentially, it’s what Valve wanted their “steam machines” to be...without being tied to use SteamOS.

Why Dampfbox?

- more performance than an Xbox One/Playstation 4...
- ...while producing less noise than other gaming PCs
- customizable CPU/GPU/RAM configurations
- free choice of operating system (preinstalled Windows 10 available)
- uncompromised quality in every aspect
- our compact and beautiful systems will suit both your living room and office perfectly
- no forced bundles with games or controllers - only pay for what you want!


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- we only use Intel's 7th generation Core i3/i5/i7 processors (Kaby Lake)
- latest Nvidia graphics cards ranging from GeForce GTX1050ti up to GeForce GTX1080ti
- DDR4-2400MHz Memory in every computer
- all our systems run on Samsung/Crucial SSDs only


- developed and hand-assembled in Germany
- efficient 80plus certified power supplies
- Intel Wi-Fi solutions in every System
- optimized for silent operation
- no cheap hardware components - our stuff is built to last!
- all systems will be pretested before shipment


- Living Room Gaming
- Media Center
- Flight/Racing Simulator Rigs
- Video Editing or Streaming
- other Desktop/Office/Workstation Applications